Saturday night I was honored with the Activist Award from Entre Hermanos.

I don’t do the work I do for recognition. None of us genuinely doing the work, ever expect accolades in return. Because we are continuing the work if our ancestors. We work towards liberation of every and all peoples of our communities.

I get asked often why I do the work I do. For the longest I didn’t know how to answer that. Then I realized that this fight that I live on this earth, on this path with this body, is generational. My story, our stories, start before our mothers conceived and birthed us. There has always been a fire – the will to fight – for generations in my family. And I am manifesting that fight – with guidance and support from my ancestors and spirits.

My will to fight is ancestral. It goes beyond what we are able to grasp and comprehend on this earth. It’s cosmic poetry.

We deserve to live a life with dignity, respect, self and collective determination. And I am committed to fight with and alongside community to ensure that one day that will be a reality.

I dedicate this to all the Xingonas in life; mi Madre. Mi hermana. My mentors. My mentees. And all the womxn who inspire me day in and out.

With light love and solidarity. Siempre.

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