Ileana C, Auburn

It is always wonderful to work with Roxana, she accomplish all her projects. I really feel she makes the difference by improving ways of life of several families, especially diverse families. I had the opportunity to witness the growth and development of children in need at Cascade Middle School, some children had experienced so much hurt from the past, and Roxana wanted to make a difference she created clubs, after school programs and invited students to several conferences, the parents could not be more satisfied and confident knowing that all of Roxana’s work positively impact children’s lives.

Monica MC, Seattle

Roxana was my mentor during my time as La Raza Commission Director for the 2012-2013 school year. Through her competence, caring and vibrant personality, amazing organizing skills, and knowledge of community and on-campus issues at the University of Washington, the success of the commission was able to continue on. She is a great, fearless leader and inspiration for the Chicano/Latino community with sharp wit, impressive public speaking skills and a persona which lights up any room and commands respect. I am excited to see the great work which will be produced from organizations that Roxana will be a part of, and would recommend her without a doubt to any position which she applies to.

Isaiah J, Auburn

Roxana worked with me at Cascade Middle School and was instrumental in developing our YMCA program at Cascade. We received this program through a grant and Roxana helped to build the foundation. She worked with staff at my school and with the community to promote interest in establishing after school programs that would help keep kids connected to our school as well as build relationships with staff. Not only that, Roxana organized summer school opportunities that helped students to retain knowledge and information they learned during the school year. In fact, last summer, the data showed that students increased in their reading and math skills. This is due to the work by Roxana. In her short tenure, she had an amazing impact on our staff, students, parents, and overall school. We were sad to see her leave but we know she will do even greater things in the future.

Arlene M,  Seattle

Roxana is a powerhouse. I first met her around 2014 as I was planning my theatre company’s first project: The Passion As Told by Antígona Pérez. She connected me with various community leaders, which significantly helped me develop partnerships and generate buy in for the project. I saw Roxana plan a community meeting in Burien within 48 hours of the election that gathered activists of all backgrounds to express their concern with the current presidency and build support networks. I also saw her organize a successful fundraiser for La Colectiva del Pueblo in Burien, which welcomed 70 people and raised $2,000.  I am proud and honored to welcome Roxana officially as Community Engagement Manager for my theatre company, Thriving Artists, as we embark in our second production: Juan Palmieri by Antnio Larreta. In the short time since her appointment, she’s secured most of the vendors for our upcoming event: Thriving Artists’ Market, positively impacted our social media presence and fostered new connections to ensure our next production reaches Latinx audiences outside of Seattle. I recommend Roxana with no hesitation for any position. Any organization would be lucky to have her in their leadership team.