A reflection


A reflection

A while ago I found out that someone in my family was saying that my sister and I were a bad influence. In reality, I didn’t get mad, but I reflected – its because honestly, they aren’t wrong.

My sister and I are in fact, a bad influence…especially for those who don’t want to question their oppression, those who don’t want to question or challenge those in power. We are a bad influence for those who are complicit in perpetuating colonization, white supremacy, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc – bad influences for those are who are comfortable in traditions and beliefs that don’t evolve.

We are bad influences because we will make you believe – and we will challenge you to live in a way that ensures that we all live with dignity, respect, and self determination. We are a bad influence because we will convert you into people that deeply believe that healing intergenerational trauma is possible, that there are possibilities beyond our homes and hoods, that it is our duty to fill ourselves with learnings and knowledge to return to our communities and families and achieve collective liberation. And I know this is true because I had the privilege of teaching all of this and more to my sister.

This moment that you see is the culmination of collective effort. My sister has graduated and will enter a new phase in her, I know that with all she has lived, with all that has been instilled, has prepared her for what is to come. She is a young woman with so many qualities – she is a leader in all the sense of the word and definitions, she is charismatic, applied, well rounded academic, with an incredible huge heart – and a love and passion for community, family, and friends.

Sister, I hope you continue to be a bad influence. May you never be complacent – may you continue to challenge and question everything. May your heart and mind always grow. May you travel, may you find yourself over and over again in distant landscapes and live with so much happiness and joy.

Thank you for living this life so authentically
Thank you for being such a bad influence and corrupting others to do the same

You are one of my most sacred legacies Anahi.

Una refleccion

Hace tiempo me di cuenta que alguien en mi familia estaba diciendo que mi hermana y yo somos mala influencia. En realidad, no me enoje, pero me puse a reflexionar – es que la realidad, no están equivocados.

Mi hermana y yo realmente somos mala influencia…especialmente para aquellos que no quieren cuestionar su opresión – los que no quieren cuestionar o reta la gente en poder. Somos mala influencia para los que son cómplices en perpetuando la colonización, la supremacía blanca, el racismo, la homofobia, transfobia, etc. – malas influencias para los que estan comodos en tradiciones y creencias que no evolucionan.

Somos mala influencia porque te haremos creer – y te retamos a vivir tu vida de una forma que asegure que todxs vivamos con dignidad, respeto, y autodeterminación.  Somos mala influencia porque te convertiremos en personas que creen profundamente que la curación del trauma intergeneracional es posible, que hay posibilidades más allá  de nuestras casas y barrios, que es nuestro deber llenarnos de información y sabiduría para luego regresar a nuestras comunidades y familias y lograr una liberación colectiva. Y se que todo esto es cierto porque tuve el privilegio de enseñarle todo esto y mas a mi hermana.

Este momento que ven aquí es un a realización de muchisimos años de esfuerzo colectivo. Mi hermano se graduó y entrará a una nueva etapa en su vida, y sé que todo la que ha vivido, que todo que le hemos inculcado, la ha preparado para lo que sigue en su vida. Es una joven con bastantes calidades – es una líder en todo la palabra y definición, es carismática, aplicada, bien estudiada, con un corazonsote – un amor y pasión para su comunidad, familia, y amistades.

Hermana, espero que sigas siendo mala influencia. Que nunca seas complaciente – que sigas retando y cuestionando todo. Que siempre crezca tu mente y tu corazón. Que viajes, te encuentres contigo misma en paisajes lejanos y vivas en puritita felicidad.

Gracias por vivir esta vida de una forma tan auténtica.
Gracias por ser tan mala influencia y por corromper a mucho gente a ser los mismo

Eres uno de mis más sagrados legados Anahi.

Yesika Salgado en King County

I wanted to share with you all an exciting project I have been working on! LA Based Poet Xingona Yesika Salgado will be coming to King County and has 3 scheduled appearances; all events are free and opened to the public! She will be selling books at all 3 events.
Friday, January 12th 6-9pm Bethaday Community Learning center. Event here. 
Saturday, January 13th 2-4pm UW Bothell. Event here
Saturday, January 13th 6-7:30pm Kona Kai in Kent. Event Here. 
.jpgs for all three events are also attached.
I have reserved some seats on Friday January 12th for those who work with Youth and would like to bring them! Please let me know if you are interested.
Please share with your networks!
A Special thank you to the following:
– King County Library Systems
– UW Bothell Latinx Club
– Kona Kai Coffee


Saturday night I was honored with the Activist Award from Entre Hermanos.

I don’t do the work I do for recognition. None of us genuinely doing the work, ever expect accolades in return. Because we are continuing the work if our ancestors. We work towards liberation of every and all peoples of our communities.

I get asked often why I do the work I do. For the longest I didn’t know how to answer that. Then I realized that this fight that I live on this earth, on this path with this body, is generational. My story, our stories, start before our mothers conceived and birthed us. There has always been a fire – the will to fight – for generations in my family. And I am manifesting that fight – with guidance and support from my ancestors and spirits.

My will to fight is ancestral. It goes beyond what we are able to grasp and comprehend on this earth. It’s cosmic poetry.

We deserve to live a life with dignity, respect, self and collective determination. And I am committed to fight with and alongside community to ensure that one day that will be a reality.

I dedicate this to all the Xingonas in life; mi Madre. Mi hermana. My mentors. My mentees. And all the womxn who inspire me day in and out.

With light love and solidarity. Siempre.