La Roxay Productions approaches Community work through a healing justice framework. 

La Roxay curates experiences and shares knowledge that centers Black, Indigenous, Communities of Color, supports community building, brings forth joY, and facilitates healing for those involved.

The Origins

La Roxay Productions (LRP) was born as adrienne marie browns spells out in “Emergent Strategy”, by the webbing, the relationship, moments and experiences of my life and Community.

In its purest and most vulnerable form, LRP exists because of an angry young child, an angry teenager, an angry young adult. Angry that my educators didn’t look like me, angry that I was growing up in poverty, angry that I didn’t have books or art or artists that looked like me. I did not see my truth reflected in the world around me. LRP is an intentional, purposeful decision, and action, to change, influence, and challenge this reality for so many in my Community.

LRP exists because of Community. It is as simple and poetic as that. LRP is a reflection, a mirror, of the love, care, and support that I have received – it is a vessel to create the world that so many of us dream, imagine, and deserve.

Roxana Pardo Garcia
aka La Roxay


Roxana Pardo Garcia aka La Roxay is a self-identifying Hood Intellectual Xingona who was born and raised on occupied Coast Salish Territory. Roxana is the Founder of La Roxay Productions and the current Owner, Cultural Worker, and Certified Xingona. 

Roxana uses indigenous knowledge and her genetic memories to do work that will allow people to live with dignity, respect, self and collective determination – because we know, nothing will liberate the hood, but the hood itself. 

Our Work

Knowledge Sharing

We are rooted in amplifying, elevating, and documenting hood experience, scholarship, and truth. The knowledge we share focuses on the strengths, relationships, solutions, and gifts of hood and BIPoC Communities.


We immerse the community into spaces, places, dialogues that influence all 6 senses. This influence allows community members to create memories and access genetic rememberings that are tied to joy and abundance.


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