About the Founder

Roxana Pardo Garcia

Roxana Pardo Garcia aka La Roxay is a self-identifying Hood Intellectual Xingona who was born and raised on occupied Coast Salish Territory. Roxana is the Certified Xingona, Founder, and Cultural Worker of two small businesses, La Roxay Productions and Hood Intellectual Xingona. She is also the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Alimentando al Pueblo, a nonprofit that won a 2022 MOHAI Everyday Hero Award. She is a graduate of Highline High School, the University of Washington, and forever a student of these streets and life. She was named one of Seattle Times 2020 Local Heroes, 2021 Burien Citizen of the Year and a Seattle Kraken Hero of the Deep.  

Roxana attended the University of Washington where she received her BA in American Ethnic Studies. While a student Roxana was an active part of MEChA, where many campaigns were fought for – and won – that centered the  histories and experiences of Black, Indigenous, Students of color. Roxana graduated from UW being the first in her family to do so. 

Her 10+ years of Community involvement and organizing, include being a youth worker – specializing in working with Black, Indigenous, Youth of color, a community engagement expert, mentor, and a spirited South King County advocate. Roxana is an experienced public speaker, event planner, presenter, event MC, facilitator, truth teller, and professional chismosa.

Roxana uses indigenous knowledge and her genetic memories to do work that will allow people to live with dignity, respect, self and collective determination – because we know, nothing will liberate the hood, but the hood itself. 

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