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La Roxay’s “Knowledge sharing” – or services – are rooted in amplifying, elevating, and documenting hood experience, scholarship, and truth. Knowledge focuses on the strengths, relationships, solutions, and gifts of hood and BIPoC Communities.


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Signature Workshops

A womxn's place is in the struggle

A Womxn’s place is in the struggle is an interactive workshop that will look at the imperative role that womxn play in social justice movements. How do we use our ancestral knowledge to feel empowered to survive, live, and thrive in our environments? What do Assata Shakur’s words “A Womxn’s place is in the struggle” mean today? Learn the importance of honoring and learning from elders, bringing in the emerging generations voice and skills, working across communities, and centering the voices of those who have been historically looted and disenfranchised.

Recommended audience: Middle to High School students
Art by Maese

Cardi B and the Respectability Politics of Womanhood

Who gets to define Womxnhood ? How does respectability politics make it so we continue to exclude certain womxn from the feminist movement and spaces? In “Cardi b and the respectability politics of Womxnhood” we will look at the historical legacies of colonization, patriarchy, and whiteness to dismantle the how and why we exclude certain womxn, like Cardi B, from the protections of mainstream feminism. What parts of our womxnhood do we suppress to please the male and white gaze? Let’s learn how to dismantle these problematic and colonial constructs and step fully, and powerfully, into our self-defined womxnhood.

Recommended audience: High School students
Art by Borreguita Crafts

Brown and Down

Brown and Down is an introductory workshop to PNW Latinx history. We go through the words that are used to identify the Latinx community, the history of how Latinxs got to the NW, The Chicano Movement in WA state and the country, and how we have historically worked with other communities of color towards our collective liberation.

Recommended audience: Elementary, Middle, and High School students. Can be adapted for professional and Community settings
Art by Maribel Galvan

Chisme Informing the Revolution

“Chisme; informing the revolution” is an interactive workshop that will have you look at the traditional ways in which womxn, femmes, LGTBQ communities have passed on knowledge and information. “Chisme” or “Gossip” has been fundamental to how womxn, femmes, and members of the LGBTQ community survive and thrive in post- colonial societies. How do we use this traditional way of communication, to make sure we uplift one another and rid the words “chismosa” “chisme” “gossip” of their negative meanings? How can we use the chisme networks that exist in our communities to make sure we work for our collective liberation? You will be given the tools to make sure that we use chisme as a tool of empowerment and to reclaim our power. Recommended audience: High school students
Art by Raquel Garcia

De Aqui, pero tambien de aqui, y aqui

In “De aqui, pero tambien de aqui y aqui”, workshop participants will be introduced to the term “intersectionality.” Workshop attendees will learn about intersectionality as a theory, its herstory, how this word shows up in Latinx Communities, and how this word, in action and understanding, can support our collective analysis as we continue to build movements and fight for liberation. The term “Intersectionality” was coined in 1989 by Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw. Dr. Crenshaw is a Black Feminist, Lawyer, Civil Rights Attorney, and a lead scholar in critical race theory.

Recommended audience: High school students and young professionals
Artwork pending

How to be a Xingona in 10 easy steps

How to be a Xingona in 10 easy steps is a workshop geared towards 8-12th graders. This interactive and lively conversations is inspired by Sandra Cisneros list We story tell, chismear, and laugh our way through the list. Reminding ourselves all the ways in which we are already Xingonas and giving ourselves new words and ways, to see our gifts and talents.

Recommended audience: Middle and High school students
Art by Mousy Devilla

Latinx Youth Gang Prevention; Cultural Identity Development

There are many questions about how to prevent your youth from falling into gangs and the criminalization of youth of color. This workshop will give you a fundamental framework to see the racist legacy of American schools, the culture that creates an environment for students to disengage, and the social circles that are filling in the gaps. They will be given tools and information to support the cultural development of bicultural youth.

Available in English and Spanish.
Co presented with David Lujano.
Recommended audience: parents and guardians. Can be adapted for educators and service providers.
Artwork pending

Latinx Identity Development; Narratives and tools for rooted learning and growth

A workshop that supports educators and service providers better serve the Latinx Community. This 3 hour knowledge share dives into the terminology the Latinx Community uses, a brief history of Latinx in the US education system, societal barriers, supports for families and students.

Recommended audience: educators, young professionals, service providers

There grows the 'hood

In “There grow’s the ‘hood” students will be given the tools to dismantle the ways in which the media and the general public talk about our hood(s) and how we actively resist the messaging. We will work through the following questions: How do we actively disrupt that we must leave the hoods we grew up to be successful? How do we use our stories and experiences, to invest in our communities and use them as a foundation for growth? How do we dream AND create the worlds that we collectively deserve? What does it look like build community with joy and ways that are relevant to us? This workshop will share tangible tools with students on how to build community with intention and centering the ancestors, people, cultura, and land - for and by the hood.

Recommended audience: Middle and High School students
Art work pending

Management a La Roxay

Management a La Roxay explores the racists roots of "management" and provides 5 key reflections and strategies that will challenge us to create work spaces that divest from colonial and white supremacists paradigms.

Recommended audience: College students and young professionals

Pro-fresh-ionality; your guide to being real AF

“Pro-fresh-ionality; your guide to being real AF” is a training that is rooted in the context of healing justice; we will engage in learning and processes that will support our undoing/unlearning of harmful white supremacist conditioning within work and Community spaces. This training is designed for students who are interested in learning how white supremacy shows up in work and Community spaces, how to actively recognize and resist its conditioning. This training will offer, and create space to identify, history, perspective, lessons, tools, strategies and healing modalities.

Recommended audience: College students and young professionals

de Theory a Acción

A workshop that guides the audience through 8 reflections that are rooted in Roxana's experience transitioning from the hood to college, and back to the hood.

Recommended audience: college students and young professionals

Latinx Community and Racism

An introductory workshop to racism that the Latinx community faces, the history of racism within the Latinx, and an activity to identify the pillars of power and how they have manifested and impacted our Community.

Recommended audience: general Community