Hood Love Scholarship

HOOD LOVE is a scholarship program from La Roxay Productions and a gift of abundance to a young person in Roxana’s Community. Senior year was one of the hardest years of Roxana’s high school journey. HOOD LOVE believes students deserve to feel supported and cared for by their village.

Meet our 2021 Scholarship recipients


"My dream for my hood is that everyone makes it out of the mud. that we all win and nobody is left starving"

- Moriah T.
Senior at HHS

"I want Burien to have a mental health center in the future, where kids or even citizens of Burien will have accessible and affordable mental health care."

- Kathleen N.

Senior at HHS

HOOD LOVE will be made available every year to a student of color at Highline High School. Opportunities to give to HOOD LOVE will be made available late 2022.